Tales of the greenhouse

I’m writing this blog sitting in my new greenhouse.  It’s a perfect day for doing this as the sun is popping in and out from behind the clouds so it’s a bit blustery and chilly when the sun disappears.  It’s a lot calmer here inside among the plants and seedlings. So what better to write about than what I’ve started growing here in the greenhouse after its first few weeks in use.


I’ve started off with some easy sewing just to get some green in the house.  I’ve got some herbs just sprouting, bush basil, coriander, sage, parsley.  They’re all up but I’m still waiting for my mint to make and appearance.  Although I have split and re-potted an old pot of mint that has been sitting in the garden for a few years not doing much.  All the new pots are now sprouting and looking good.  Also Mr Husband has got a few chilli plants started.  My best performers at the moment are the salad leaves planted 29th May and now ready for eating.

greenhouse june 3


My big plan with the greenhouse is to enable me to grow many, many plants on a budget, which means taking numerous cuttings from my existing plants.  So at the end of May, actually the 31st (I’m keeping a note book) I took a trip around my small garden and the larger communal garden with my plastic bag, sniping suitable bits of the plants with the aim of making semi-ripe cuttings.

Now a little while ago I was given by my son-in-law, half a bag of Growth Technology Root Riot.

greenhouse june 4

You may know of it, I’d never seen this kind of thing before, am I so old fashioned? He was using it for hydroponics.  Anyway while we were moving all the plant around the garden as part of our big garden makeover I managed to knock off a juicy stem from the pierris.  So I just popped it into the ready-made slit of a Root Riot cube and left it outside in the open – I didn’t even water it as I was preoccupied with looking after the bigger plants we were moving.  To my surprise when I came back a few days later all the leaves were still looking perky and the unintentional cutting with the roots poking out of the cube has now been planted into potting compost.  Why am I telling you this? Well I thought I would do a little experiment (I was a scientist you know) and compare cuttings put into the Root Riot cubes with those put into a 50:50 mix of compost and perlite.

greenhouse june 6 before


At the moment all are looking about the same, some looking more droopy than others, but I will keep you posted.

greenhouse june afterI’ve made a little plan so I know what everything is. These cuttings were mostly taken on 31st May and now on the 15 June when I’m writing this tale.

greenhouse june 5

I’ve got laurel, camellia, ceanothus, euonymus, aucuba, red robin, peony (that might have been a mistake, after reading a bit I don’t think that’s how you do it), hydrangea, forsythia, privet, and azalea (this was only this week).

I have now run out of the Root Riot cubes but will continue with the compost:perlite mix and continue to mist regularly.

So that’s where I’m with the greenhouse comings and goings I will update you as the season progresses

greenhouse june 1

Happy gardening 🙂






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