My first flower show – RHS Chatsworth

Amazing to think even though I love plants, flowers, gardens and gardening I have never ever been to a flower show.  Well thought it was time to put that oversight right especially when the RHS located one of their annual flower shows within 20 miles from my Buxton doorstep.

It was a spur of the moment thing as I’ve been quite busy with weekend visitors, but surely I could squeeze in an afternoon in the sunshine wondering through the plants.  So a mid-week, reduced price, late entry ticket worked perfectly.  A flower show on a budget – perfect. Here are my pics to give you a flavour of my afternoon at the RHS Chatsworth flower show

This is a view of part of Chatsworth House, a massive stately home located in Derbyshire.  I’ve visited Chatsworth many times and it’s the perfect setting for the flower show especially on a day when the sun is blazing.  I took the first picture while sitting on the bank of the river sipping on a cold beer (multitasking or what). I don’t capture it well in the photo, but the show straddled both sides of the river, with temporary bridges being erected.

chatsworth RHS 1

There were a number of show gardens, which all looked like they’d been there forever. Of course I liked all of them, how can you not like a garden?  I’m liking the informal cottage garden planting in among the garden structures.  I’m going to try to replicate this  in my garden, in my own special way 🙂

Chatsworth RHS 4

chatsworth RHS 5chatsworth RHS 7

Chatsworth RHS 3chatsworth RHS 2

I enjoyed wondering through the numerous stalls selling gardening goods, food and furnishings…

and the plant inspired sculptures.

chatsworth RHS 14

chatsworth rhs 13

But my favourite part of the whole flower show was the flower marques.  Here you could marvel at the displays and then buy plants from the numerous specialist growers, you just know they’re going to be good.

This pyramid of lilies filled the marque with their unmistakable floral fragrance.

Then there were the alliums standing proud and to attention

chatsworth RHS 20

You want more? What about these airplants, cacti and succulents

and you can’t get more colourful than these chrysanthemums.

chatsworth rhs 26 What do you think about this floor to ceiling display of orchids?

chatsworth RHS 24


I hope after this taster of the RHS Chatsworth flower show you’re inspired to go to your local show.  Even on the way out I was delighted with a swathe of cosmos

chatsworth rhs 31Thank-you for visiting my blog today, I hope you enjoyed my display :)

Next time I’ll share with you the plants I purchased.


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