My BIG garden makeover – the final reveal

I hope you’ve been following my big garden makeover Part 1 and Part 2. Well I now have the pleasure of sharing with you the BIG reveal as it’s all over…. and no-one is happier about that than me, well apart from Mr Husband. However, I must say I really did my fair share of heavy lifting, digging and generally scratching about in the dirt. But enough of me lets get on to the updates and pictures.

Just to recap there were a few things I was trying to achieve in this makeover. Firstly, I had decided to get a greenhouse so I needed to make some space to accommodate it, and secondly I wanted to bring the plants closer to the house. There was probably a thirdly and a fourthly but instead of listing let us get on.

So now for the BEFORE pictures, the aerial view with the unruly and unusable rockery, the yuk paving and the boarders already being created next to the house to replace the paving.

Read all about my big garden makeover and keep following to see what the after pics look like

I’ll take you first over to the broader created outside the French doors and our main access to the garden from the house. We removed the paving slabs and used the rocks dug up from the rockery to edge the boarders before adding soil from the garden area much enhanced with bags of rotted manure. The plants were moved from various parts of the rockery and grouped together to give almost full boarders. I didn’t realise how heavy rocks were.

This is how it looks now it is all finished.

finished borders

Of course the plants need to grow and flower however I think you can see they are making progress and have not been too disturbed by all the moving.

patio boarder finished

Moving on to the rockery. This was where most of the heavy work was. The problem with the old rockery was it was taking up about a third of the area of the whole garden, but it contained so many buried rocks that it was near impossible to plant anything more than annual bedding. So the first thing was to dig out all the hidden rocks and rearrange them to make a few small terraced areas that now wrap around the newly created seating area.

finished view from high on rockery

As we’d moved some of our existing plants struggling to grow in the old rockery into the new boarders the new rockery area is now bit plant free, however this will be work in progress over the next few months now we have enough soil to plant in to. I will keep you posted.

side finished view

As mentioned we’ve created a new seating area, paving over an area of the old rockery.

The new seating area gets the last of the evening sun, which is the main reason why it’s now there. In the past this was a surprisingly dark and damp area of the garden where it was difficult to grow anything. This was largely due to the shade cast by the thick trellis archway (see in the picture above). We removed the archway and used the posts to create the corners from which garden sails can now be hung to provide some wind protection on those sunny but breezing summer days. The paved area has been topped off with a piece of artificial grass we already had stored in the shed and I must say this area has turned out to be a little gem area for lazing in a deckchair.


And you have a great view back to the house

finished view from the rockery

This has now become a well used part of the garden.

Now moving on to the yuk paving. My intention was to lift all the paving and re-pave as the slabs were grey and just ugly.

paving 1

However as I blew all the budget on the greenhouse I had to make do. Surprisingly the paving cleaned up rather well (more cleaning still to do), in fact there were two different colours of slabs, which you couldn’t see under years of dirt. The slabs we removed as part of the makeover provided enough to create the paved area on the rockery and replace broken slabs. So I’m pleased to say no slabs were purchased in the making of this garden, just moving, cleaning and grouting.

The paved seating area gets the sun pretty much all day and is where we sit to eat and have that late afternoon tipple of choice. Which is exactly what we did while we were assembling the greenhouse. This was day 2 of the greenhouse assembly, the sun was shining and my daughter and her husband arrived to lend a hand.

paving 2

And now for the greenhouse.

I was just going to buy a budget greenhouse but fell in love with the Alton Octagonal Cedar Greenhouse when I saw it. Once ordered we just needed to get the paved based laid to the specifications. It’s looking rather empty at the moment but I can assure you it will be filling up over the summer and I will be blogging all about my progress.


side greenhouse

To say I’m pleased with my greenhouse would be an understatement!

So now you’ve seen the what we’ve done with garden. I am so looking forward to filling it with lots and lots of plants. Apart from the greenhouse we spent no more than £300 on the materials (gravel, pebbles, sand, cement, paint, plants) as we reused everything we could. What do you think, hope you can see an improvement 🙂


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