Why I love terracotta in the garden

Terracotta, baked earth, a type of clay-based earthenware where the fired body is porous.  You may use it in the kitchen, l love it in the garden.

IMG_20180522_122100 (2)

Garden pots are tricky things in my experience.  I know in the past I’ve been overly tempted and picked up various pots from places I’ve visited. The end result being a bit of a mish-mash of colours, shapes and sizes scattered over the garden.  But with the reinvention of my garden (more to come on that soon) I’ve decided to stick with good old terracotta / clay garden pots.  I think they just look so natural and as terracotta pots come in such a range of shapes and sizes you can still have (too) many without them looking messy.  I love the way they change colour when they’re wet.

The terracotta pots I’ve bought have been a mix of new and old, which I’ve purchased in local garden centres and flea markets – dirt and everything. Terracotta pots are inexpensive, are not made of plastic and look better as they get older; that’s pretty much all my boxes ticked 🙂

IMG_20180510_135730 (2)My plants seem to love them too.  I think terracotta gives the garden a warm feel even on a dull Derbyshire day.IMG_20180528_174403 (2)



What pots do you like in the garden?



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