The interior of a coot’s home is made of plastic?

Now this is just a short post, you could say combining my love of interiors with my love of nature.  While taking a stroll in the local park it was delightful to see a coot had built its nest extremely close to the path where all the passers-by, me included, could peer over and try and spot the cute little baby coots sitting neatly under the parent.  I spotted two but I think later there were three.  If you look very very closely you can just about make them out.

IMG_20180510_171056 (2)

Well a few days later there I was back on my early morning lap of the park hoping to get a peek of the chicks, but it was not to be as the nest had been abandoned. The chicks had all grown up enough to swim away and find a home a little more secluded – we all get to that stage in our life.  However on taking a closer look at the nest interior I could see although the outside of the nest was the traditional stick build construction, for the interior the coot had gone for a more modern look and lined the nest with plastic sweet wrappers.

IMG_20180514_113310 (2)

I guess this modern material provides better insulation and waterproof qualities you just can’t get with twig, however it comes with hazards especially if the chicks are prone to pecking and ingesting the plastic. I much prefer the traditional materials myself, this is not my sort of upcycling.

Just goes to show how our litter is inadvertently infiltrating into nature.  I wouldn’t consider my local park to be especially littered so I’m thinking there are a lot more nest interiors looking like this 😦






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