How to get the most from a spare bedroom – my bedroom challenge

We all like having friends and family over to stay – I certainly do.  Everyone can relax, share some food, not have to worry about who’s driving home.  However, it’s a bit of a luxury to be able to afford to have a place, whether rented or bought where one room is dedicated to the occasional guest.  If you think about it, it would probably cost less to pay to put them up in a local hotel than take on the extra rent or mortgage fees for that bigger place.  But if we are lucky enough to have a guest room it would be great if we could keep it looking Pinterest pristine for that surprise visitor.

How to get the most from a spare bedroom. Read about my spare bedroom challenge on the blog

…… but in reality, daily living takes over the area. Before you know it can become a mish-mash of a room, bit of an office, laundry room, store room…….general dumping ground.

My spare bedroom falls into that mish-mash category. In case you’ve not guessed already the above photo of the bedroom is not mine.  I’m writing this blog in that said spare bedroom while it is draped with drying washing. I would have taken a photo, but it would not have been pleasing on the eye I can assure you.

My spare bedroom is actually bigger than my own bedroom, I chose not to use it when we moved into our place as I thought it wasn’t cosy enough. So three years after moving in I’ve now decided what I do need to use it for: an occasional guest room, a home office, possibly a dining room (I live all on one level) and a winter gym.  Hmm, not sure this is going to work.

So how can I accommodate the all the needs of a spare room without it becoming a mish-mash? Well at the moment I have no instant fixes, just vague ideas, so I’m going to tackle this conundrum over the coming months and share my progress on the blog so keep reading.

I do have some limitation, restrictions, things I can’t (afford) to change. These will influence my decisions, and they are probably not so different to everyone else.  I don’t want to throw out all my furniture and buy new things fit for purpose, that would be far too easy.  Oh, and I have a king-size bed, so no option for a sofa bed solution.

I’m thinking partitioning with the furniture and using screens, but the room is quite dark as I live in a basement. It does have a large window that looks up into the trees but light is a bit of an issue, but I’m going to go with the dark theme.  You can tell I’m still mulling all this over.

I’m going to be taking my inspiration from anywhere.

This modern bedroom is multi-functional, but much bigger than mine.  It has partitions to zone the space, and although such an elaborate partition is not an option for me the zoning with furniture is a possibility.

pexels-photo-210265 bedroom with divedes

And if you’ve read my blog in the past you know I have a handy Mr Husband at the ready, so some creative building may also figure.

pexels-photo-439227 bedroom

Oh and let’s not forget my summer visit to Chatsworth House, where even a palatial English stately home they had to have a desk in the spare bedroom. I like the clever use of a high headboard to provide a disguise for the bed, and I do have a bed to disguise and it currently doesn’t have a headboard…..

So if you have any ideas let me know, but as I said earlier keep watching this space, I do love a decorating challenge.




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