Why you should explore Cadiz

It’s been a little while since I went on my summer hols, time has just whizzed and I’ve only now got around to writing about the final leg of my holiday adventure. It was to the beautiful and bustling Andalusian city of Cadiz, Spain.  If you’ve read my previous blogs you will know why I planned the trip and how much I’d already enjoyed visiting Faro and Seville along the way to Cadiz.

I arrived in Cadiz by train and my hotel was situated in the Old Town within walking distance of the station so I was keeping to my public transport philosophy of the trip.  Throughout the holiday I’d chosen to stay in small independent hotels and this one was a little gem, Hotel Las Cortes.  It couldn’t have been more central and the rooms were airy, traditional but simple. My room was 110 appropriately named La Caleta, a reference to one of the beaches in Cadiz. There was a central staircase leading up to the roof terrace, which was definitely the WOW factor and laid in front of me the atmosphere of Cadiz in one panoramic view.

The view from the roof

View from my hotel terrace in Cadiz


View from my hotel terrace in Cadiz

This part of the holiday was supposed to be the time to relax on the beach and I was not disappointed. The beaches, of which there were a few were fabulous and I was in the sea every day.

You could go to the harbour beach, Playa La Caleta

Playa La Caleta Cadiz

Or an even longer sandy beach, Playa Santa Maria del Mar

Playa Santa Maria del Mar

We spent many an early evening meandering through the squares of Cadiz or having a chilled afternoon Manzanilla in a shaded side passage.

Cadiz Cathedral

I wondered what was going on beyond the many elegant doorways.

Now we (Mr Husband was still with me) are fairly sleepy travellers, by that I mean we amble, sit and watch as everyone goes about their daily business, we tend not to go to the tourist attractions, get into shopping (except food) or party into the night. So we weren’t up too late and didn’t get to any flamenco shows, but if this is what you like then you will find it in Cadiz.  Many of our evenings were spent on the hotel roof terrace with a large glass of white watching the sun go down and taking in the views.  For me Cadiz was the highlight on my hols.

Sunset in Cadiz

I hope I get the chance to go back, you should visit if you can. Cadiz has a long and fascinating history that you should try and dig into before you visit, it’s much more than a beach resort.



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  1. Lovely pics of Cadiz – what a fantastic city – history, food, lush wine and sherry…and gorgeous beaches and sea. I want to go back!


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