DIY vintage coffee table makeover

It seems a very long time since I bought an old coffee table from the local charity shop in downtown Buxton.  Checking my Instagram feed, it was April 28th!!  It has taken me ages to get this project completed.  This was partly due to the bad summer weather – I hate sanding and painting indoors, and the fact I think I fell out of love with it when I got it home and checked out how battered it actually was.  I paid £8 you know,  I was robbed!!

DIY Vintage Coffee Table Makeover. See the before and after results with

Emotions aside, I persisted (slowly) as I did love the shape. My first instinct was to get the legs lighter but soon realised it was not doable in the time I have left on this planet so compromise was required.  Instead I decided to stain it all a bit darker, as I’m not a fan of reddy-brown, but I would paint the bottom shelf off-white just to lightening things up, cunning don’t you think.

You may recall I had stained some shelves for the Son’s kitchen so the same stain was employed Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain, Rosewood.  In addition, I thought I’d try out a spray paint for the off-white colour just to experiment, so I chose Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch, Heirloom White (satin finish)

So here we go. You can see the poor condition of the table meaning there was lots and lots and lots of sanding – not my favourite pastime I can assure you.

First I painted everything except the base shelf with a black matt paint, just to subdue the reddishness of the current stain and the one I would be applying.  I then applied a couple of coats of white-ish emulsion I had in the cupboard to the base shelf, as when I did a little test with the spray paint the stain bled through. It was at that point I think I put it all to one-side for the next few months.

I must confess Mr Husband sprayed the bottom shelf, he was a car paint sprayer of sorts so it was a bit of damage limitation, and I just wanted to get the darn table finished. But hooray its was all completed last weekend and although not a masterpiece (I don’t think I’ve increased its value by much), its a usable table and I think it looks better than when I started.

Although I am running out of space to keep all these tables. What do you think?

DIY Vintage Coffee Table Makeover. See what it looked like before with


DIY Vintage Coffee Table Makeover. See the before and after results with


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  1. Very nice! I love the shape of the table as well. At the moment, I am re-doing the cabin my son built a few years ago and I’m always on the search for inexpensive pieces to ‘make -over’.A bit of elbow grease, some creative vision, and lots of fun. I am enjoying your blog!


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