How to make a good first impression; The Hall

As a break from the travel blogs (back next week) today I thought I’d just write something short to tell you about the smallest area in my flat, (although you could argue the most functional) the Hall.

Now the word Hall makes it sound rather grand, what I am referring to is the bit of the flat you step into when you come through the front door.  Mine is 2.6 x 1.4 metres so not huge but a usable space all the same.  It has a door leading into the kitchen, however we’ve taken the door off the hinges as there wasn’t really any room to open it.  Constantly dancing around door to get people in and out. Obviously, we’ve kept the door opening.

Pretty soon after moving in we replaced the old front door and decorated the Hall, and now its the area I always tidy if I’m expecting visitors, as it gives the first impression of the flat and, well me really. I went for the friendly, relaxed but organised look – can you be relaxed and organised? I think being organised helps you to be relaxed but that’s altogether another blog.

But a Hall can’t just be for giving a show stopping impression, unless you’ve a lot of space and a walk-in cupboard close to hand to hide the coats and boots, unfortunately we don’t. So before we did anything we thought about how we needed to use the space on a daily basis.  You may think two people don’t need much coat hanging space etc, but we live in a cold part of the country and love to go out walking in both the rain and the shine.  We have coats and boots for every weather situation. There was a time of year when I lived in the South of England, where I would put the winter coats and shoes away for the summer.  Not anymore. Bearing this in mind as much space for coats and boots was essential. Also, it needed to be an area where it didn’t matter too much if it got a little muddy.  I didn’t want tiles (very cold) so I went for sisal flooring.  Having incorporated our main needs, I then prettied it up with some wallpaper and a mirror,  kinda in-keeping with the age of the house (1880s) but not over the top.


If I’d been organised I would have taken ‘before’ pictures, but I didn’t so let me describe it to you, it had been a neglected area.  The entire end wall was covered with a built set of pine cupboards, kitchen cabinet style with a worktop surface, above which were a matching wall cupboards. They were soon filled with our clutter. We never put shoes in the cupboards just placed them outside in a human nature fashion, meaning you could never open the doors.  It really didn’t work for us as a space however, we did re-use the pine surface to make the bench.

Today I’ve no visitors calling, we’ve just bought a new vacuum cleaner and Mr Husband has just had to replace his computer monitor so the ‘Hall’ has become a bit of a dumping ground as you can see, the reality of real life. But that’s OK for a while (very short while, there will be a trip to the dump on the weekend, I promise!).



Do you have the same needs for your ‘Hall’? If you want more Hall inspiration why not take a look the Pinterest Board I’ve put together just for you.

Soon we will wander through the doorway into the kitchen, for which I do have some before and after pictures.



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