In the Test Lab – Paddywax scented candle

Thought I’d give something new a bit of a try.  You may not know but most of my life I’ve worked as a scientist – do you ever stop being a scientist? Many hours I’ve spent in the biology lab testing and experimenting, so I thought I would introduce a little bit of the Test Lab vibe into my blog to give you some insight of products I’ve tried and tested.  This is not because lots of companies are sending me free products (they’re not, but if they want to…..), it’s just because sometimes I come across a product that surprises me.  I also come across products that disappoint but I’m not someone who is going to write bad things, so you won’t see those kinds of reviews.

The first product I’m going to share with you is the Rosemary and Citrus Paddywax Candle, a soy wax scented candle, which was bought for me on Mother’s Day by the Son, he often surprises.

Paddywax soy scented candle Rosemary and Citrus

You might think yeah, yeah another scented candle and to be honest when I got it I thought along those lines too.  I’ve used many a scented candle in the past as I’m a little bit of a candle person come summer or winter, probably the reason I got the present I did. However, I was more than surprised when I lit the candle as it filled the room with a delicious scent.  I’ve been using it regularly now for about 3 months and the scent is still as good.  It has a snug fitting wooden lid that you can replace when not in use and this seems to seal in the aroma. So you get an instant fragrant wiff when you take the lid off.

The candle sits in a green glass, which is apparently made from a recycled wine bottle. When the candle has all burnt away I’m going to use the glass in the bathroom to hold the toothbrushes, so I will be recycling something that’s already been recycled. Can’t be a bad thing.

Have you tried Paddywax candles, should I get another one, mine is nearly all gone?

Paddywax scented soy candle Rosemary and Citrus

paddywax review 2


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