What’s new with Bamboo? My top picks.

Bamboo, cane, rattan whatever you to call it, it continues to look good in the home bringing a light airy feel. I remember bamboo furniture from the 1970’s before it was shunted off to the conservatory.  So, it’s good the see bamboo taking its place front and centre of the living space once more.  There are some great pieces to bring both a natural and casual feel, plus pieces crafted to give elegance. Yes elegance with bamboo is very doable.

Thought I’d take a trawl through the virtual high street to see what I liked and share it with you to see if you like it too.  Here are my favourite picks with the reasons I love ’em.

This Curved Rattan Bed Frame is from Anthroplogie’s US site just tucking in under $2000 for the king size.  If I could afford (I can’t) I would be making that purchase now…. it would look great in my bedroom.  Well maybe not as the bedroom is now but I would certainly put the effort to getting it look great. If you want to see the bed frame in all its glory check out Ave Style bedroom reveal

Anthropologie rattan bed

Next is a timeless staple rattan chair can be placed in any room of the house, living room, bedroom, bathroom making it a very versatile and movable piece.  Give it your own style with a cushion or two.  This is the  Agen Rattan/Bamboo chair from good old IKEA and at £22 you can’t go wrong.  If you’re looking for a house warming something for someone just starting out on their own this would make a special gift. Better than a set of glasses and something they will keep for a long long time.

Ikea Rattan Agen Chair

What about this little Miroco Rattan Bench from Oliver Bonas £295.  It would sit nicely in the hall, we all need somewhere to perch when we are struggling to put those shoes on. Equally it would make a statement in a modern kitchen for that extra bit of occasional seating around that communal table.  Again a bit of cushionating ties it in with your decor.

Oliver Bonas Miroco Rattan Bench

Now I do like a little coffee table, so useful and as it happens I picked this little gem up at a local antique street market, cost me £5 and I’ve been using it a lot.  It’s very light so can easily be moved to wherever coffee arises. I think that’s one of the things I like about this type of material is it’s so easily moved.

bamboo table

Here’s a more modern take from Maisons Du Monde  £68.99,  the small coral colour coffee table in the foreground with the curved bamboo tripod legs.

maisons du monde rattan coffee table

So there is more to bamboo than patio furniture, the the odd piece nestles rather well into most decors, with enduring potential to happily blend alongside the trends of the future.

Hope you enjoyed my whistle-stop tour. What’s your experience of bamboo been?

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