Get the perfect pouffe on a budget

This is a short post to provide some very light relief today. Just had to share with you the fabulous pouffe I bought the other day, with my groceries.  I know, I just popped in for some daily staples but couldn’t resist as it ticked all my ‘What I look for in a Pouffe’ boxes

  • the right height for the feet
  • nice and big to stably hold a tray if needed
  • sturdy fabric, you put your feet on it don’t you know
  • round, round, round, always beats square for me
  • needs to look good

This is what I found, they actually call it a bean drum, to me it’s a timeless Monochrome Geometric Design Pouffe and yes it’s from Aldi.

Enjoying the data as I do, here are the stats. Kirkton House Zig Zag Bean Drum  60x60x30cm £29


Adli black and white geometric pouffe

I tried to put together a montage of similars for you to browse but struggled to find any comparable in size and price,  but here’s the best three I could find.

pouffes asda , maisons du monde

So the lesson here appears to be it’s always worth checking out the grocery store to see if they have any home furnishing bargains, but remember food is always the priority. One cannot live on decor alone.

You may have seen my Facebook post about this last week when I bought the pouffe.  I use Facebook  for quick ‘of the moment’ info.  I’ve also begun a Pinterest Board with a wider range of stylish pouffes for you to browse if that’s your thing.  Why not give them a follow.


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  1. Looking for a great pouffe for our new house and love Maison du Monde! Jen XOXO


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