DIY – How to make a ‘family’ kitchen rug

I want to share with you my attempt at being creative, I do try my best.  This is a rug I made from the off-cut of sisal matting used to carpet our VERY small entrance hall.  I bought it online as it was the best price but even buying the smallest piece I could, it still left a substantial bit left over.

Now my kitchen floor has tiles, which I was not going to change, just too expensive and too much hassle for me.  However, I get cold toes very quickly so I put two and two together and made…… well you be the judge of that.

So where does the family come into this little story. Well, I made it at the time The Son was just about to move out (again) and was finally sorting out his stuff. I don’t enjoy nagging but really, I sometimes despair 🤦.  In the ‘things to chuck’ bag was a very old and worn pair of jeans and me, always looking for ways to recycle thought I could keep a piece of him in the house. Creepy I hear you think, but really I was just being practical as I need something hard-wearing to edge my rug.  I then raided Mr Husband’s drawers and found an old pair of his jeans (from the 1970’s me thinks).  Two sides of the rug was to be Mr Husband’s legs and the opposite sides The Son’s legs, from the jeans of course.

Here’s some pictures, you will see this is not a craft master class.



Now if like me you have limited craft skills here are the details.  With the aid of a sewing machine I joined and hemmed the cut denim.  Is it just me but I find sewing quite stressful and just pray I can get to the end of what I need to do without the bobbin running out, I know I need more practice. I then with the aid of a glue gun, stuck the hemmed denim to the rug edges front and back.  The back edge I also taped to give a bit of extra fixing.

To my amazement two years later this has all stayed intact despite extensive wear and tear as this is the route to and from the front door.  To be honest the denim is getting a bit dirty so now might be time for some fresh fabric.  Maybe this time something from The Daughter’s wardrobe.

Let me know if you’ve tried similar 😘



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