How to find the perfect brass planter on a budget

You might remember a few weeks ago I decided to go with the trend and get some houseplants.  You can read all about it on my previous house plant blog. You may also recall my next mission was to find some fabulous planters, which I had great fun doing. I was looking for treasure…. gold maybe?  No, I was looking brass, the gold colour without the expense. Oh did I mention I was on a budget.

I was taking a trip to the Lake District UK for a bit of hill walking (I’ll show you the pictures in a later blog) and on the way decided to stop over in Lancaster. Noticed there was a big antique centre just on the outskirts of town so thought it would be worth popping in for a browse.  I love poking around an antique centre, this apparently is one of the largest indoor centres in the UK, GB Antiques Centre .  Great place to visit, a really huge place.  We had to do some hunting (yes Mr Husband was there too), but found an old brass planter, which was v large and only £15.  It’s got a dink or two but only minor.

umbrella plant in brass planter

A few weeks then passed and I found myself one Sunday in the border town of Leominster, with only antique shops.  Hiding away on the 3rd floor of such a place I found this brass jardiniere, it weighs 5kg but cost only £25! Snapped it up. Luckily Mr Husband was on hand to carry it back to the car.  It polished up a treat and is the perfect vessel for my crazy spider plant.  It also doubles up perfectly as a champagne chiller! It’s a beauty.

spider plant and brass jardiniere


Decided that was probably enough brass for now so turned my attention to this elegant Sylvac planter circa 1940’s I think, but I really don’t know. It’s in perfect condition and was only £4 for a local Buxton fair. Now I will be perfectly honest with you, this planter is a little too small as the plastic pot peeps out the top, you can spot it hiding under the leaves.

gardenia and sylvac

I still needed to find another planter as I’d bought a new little palm.  This pottery planter was just the ticket and found in a local Buxton charity shop for less than £1… Plain white with a geometric pattern, it will be very flexible around the house for years to come.

palm in white planter


Here’s the whole collection, as you can see I’m still managing to keep the houseplants alive.  I love reusing old things rather than buying new…. saving the planet and all that. But I’m always mindful the house doesn’t start looking like a museum, blending the old with the new works for me. What do you think of my choice of planters?

group of house plants


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