Last week & this week

I didn’t manage to write a blog last week, it was a strange week.  So, I thought I’d just update on what I’ve been doing and what you can expect on the blog this week.

A quick trip to Edinburgh

Started the week with a short trip to Edinburgh to do a bit of non-blog related work. It was a quick visit as I travelled up from Manchester on Tuesday and back on Wednesday, but I did manage to have a stroll through the park and enjoy the scenery while waiting for the train. The sun was nearly out so and all was well.  Edinburgh is a great city and well worth a trip, even if it is full of tourists like me 😍😍😍.  I only managed to take a couple of pics, including one of the train line with the Scott Monument in the background.  Apparently the Scott Monument is the largest monument to a writer in the world. I’m not a train-spotter but I love the way the line runs through the centre of the city.  In the other picture is a glimpse the Scottish National Gallery from East Princes Street Gardens. I will be going back to Edinburgh during the year so I plan to spend more time taking (better) pics to share.



Lunch in Manchester

This weekend it was a Public Holiday in the UK and we had a long -standing meet-up planned for a family meal in Manchester. We lived in Manchester for a short time and it’s where my son now lives; we weren’t going to change our plans as Manchester is a great city. We had an excellent catch-up and some hearty food in the Mud Crab.  Pic below is of impressive street art you’ll find in West Didsbury, South Manchester by Brazilian street artist Mateus Bailon. This picture I took a few weeks previously, you may have seen it on my Instagram. There are others pieces I still need to see.

Mateus Bailon Street Art West Didsbury


A walk in the Peak District with rather large cows

The next day was spent walking with the family in the Peak District, where we enjoyed the scenery and the weather (Fitbit stats 6.7 miles, 100 floors – I was happy). Saw a great deal of cows including this beauty below, which roamed freely on the hillside to manage the grass. It was sitting right in front of the gate we needed to pass through and needed a little gentle persuasions to move.  Oh and the walk passed by a quarry boundary that appears to have some quick sand! But do not fear the walk ended safely with a calming field of buttercups 🤗




This week on the blog

Now back into swing of things this week I will be blogging about the selection of planters I’ve found to house the houseplants I bought last month.  Also I’m (with the help of Mr Husband) in the final stages of putting up the shelves I’ve been making for my son’s kitchen.  I’ll be giving you all the details on Friday, here’s a glimpse of this morning’s activity fixing on the brackets but please stay tuned 😍😍😍

DIY MDF Shelves



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