2 Must See Cellars With Ambience

A few weeks ago, a new Artisan Market venue opened in my new home town of Buxton, The Arches Artisan Market you may have seen my Twitter post about this at the time. Here’s the picture I took.

The Arches Artisan Market Buxton Derbyshire

I really need to go back and see how it’s doing, as it’s a great initiative to give local crafts people an indoor space in the heart of the town.  When I first walked in I was amazed at the space as from the outside I never guessed what was inside. Such a dramatic space, where the arches lend themselves perfectly to intimate and defined areas for each of the retailers, there’s a great feel to the place. So, this is a lesson to me (and maybe to you) to venture in as you never know what you might find.

The Arches Artisan Market Buxton, Derbyshire

I don’t know about you but the ambience of any space always has an impact on me, positive or negative. In my home, I guess I try and create the ambience through the decor so I always love it when the character of a commercial venue captures my mood, and cellar vibe of The Arches certainly did.

It reminded me of a restaurant I’d visited a number of years ago in Oslo Norway, The Klosteret Restaurant, when I working for a large corporate organisation.  At the time I managed a team remotely from the UK so when I was in Oslo it was always an excuse to go out for a team dinner – I can assure you my team never needed persuading, eating out in Oslo is not inexpensive! As always I left the choice of venue to the team and I could tell this restaurant was high on their list to visit, especially on Company expenses!

It was in a cellar like the Buxton Artisan Market, low ceilings, exposed brick but it was lit entirely with candles, and the ambience was fantastic.  You may think this would be only good for an intimate romantic dinning but it worked perfectly for our team dinner. To be honest I can’t remember what the food was like, and maybe having what seemed like a different wine with each of the courses had something to with that. What I do remember was on our big round table (there was about 12 of us) everyone was interacting and the evening was most pleasant and relaxed.  The candle light kept our complete focus to the discussion around the table.

I’ve taken the picture from the Restaurant’s website, I’m sure they won’t mind. Apparently the building was built in 1899 used as a waffle bakery.

Klosteret Restaurant Oslo Norway

For me getting the ambience right makes all the difference.  How does it work for you?

Ambience quote and definition


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  1. Lovely spaces! I like how they all have their little corner with the blackboard. There’s a similar project in Cardiff in Womanby Street, but the architecture is not as charming.


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