Rufford Old Hall, Lancashire UK

A bit of a deviation from my usual home decor blogging but I thought I’d start to share my occasional days out as visiting places often brings inspiration you can transfer into your home.

Last weekend I had a particularly delightful trip to Rufford Old Hall, Lancashire UK partly because of the history and partly because it was a gorgeous sunny day.

Rufford Old Hall , National Trust

Where I live, we don’t get the best of the weather so I’m an expert at making the most of every last drop. With that in mind we arrived (Mr Husband was there too) as soon as the Hall opened and before looking around the gardens and house we made a direct line to the tea shop. Here we enjoyed coffee and a scone sitting outside in the cobbled court yard…..well it would have been rude not to.

Now the National Trust, who manage this building, are far better placed to dispense the history of the Hall and gardens. However, to give you a flavour Rufford Old Hall is a fine Tudor building, which for 500 years was owned by the Hesketh family. There is also some suggestion William Shakespeare spent a few months of his teens at the Hall. If you want to read more about the history then follow the link to Rufford Old Hall.

Here are my pictures, bearing in mind no photography was allowed in the House

The bluebells and the flower boarder, which looks luscious even in May

Some decorative features around the garden; the birds, the frog and the sun

Rufford Old Hall Garden

Follow the path to reach the perfect seating area

….and the House

A highlight of the visit was viewing the Great Hall, where we joined a regular talk about the history of the Hall given by one of the knowledgeable volunteers.  We were able to admire the carved oak screen (and take photographs).  The thought is that the screen is made from bog oak.  It was a huge structure and although described as movable it would have taken some effort.

Oak screen

Impressive don’t you think?

So, all in all if you’re in the area it’s well worth a visit, it would make a great place for a friends & family picnic as there are plenty of picnic benches in grassy secluded areas. Also the house was children friendly with a little trail to keep them engaged.

After the Hall we travelled up to Lancaster and then on to Keswick in the Lake District but for now I hope you enjoyed sharing my day out 😊. If you follow me on Instagram you will see of my outdoor escapades as they happen.

And in case your wondering where Lancashire is, here’s a map.

Rufford Old Hall Map


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  1. Beautiful photos! I can only imagine what it’s like inside the House, and perhaps I’ll have to see for myself someday. So much history and splendor…love the details and the garden. 🙂


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