Feathers and fur on a budget

I first put out this blog at the beginning of Summer, but reading through it applies nicely to the approaching Autumn too. So may be worth another read 🙂 to give you some snugly inspiration.

It’s summer, well nearly. Does that mean we should all be adding linen and cottons to our decor, I think not.  We still need a little warm texture to get us through those chilly evenings and what better way of doing that than with a bit of fur and feathers.  Now I’m not suggesting we go over the top and make the whole house look like we’ve just stepped through into Narnia. However, the odd piece I think and you may not agree, gives a touch of luxury, Nordic charm, Scandi elegance to a room.

From having a browse around I see there’s a substantial array of bits to buy, but if like me you are always on a budget then perhaps you will like my economy selection. Read on to see what I’ve selected for you.

I loooove this light shade 💗💗💗.  It’s the Vita Copenhagen Medium EOS Feather Lampshade.  It’s made from authentic goose feathers and apparently lets the light seductively shine through.  My bedroom is not a dissimilar colour to the teal in the picture where I think this light shade looks great even when the light is off.  “What about dusting”, I hear Mr Husband cry?? Oh yes just reminded him I don’t dust so not a problem. But if you do apparently you just give it a blow with a hair drier on a cool setting, so don’t let dusting be a reason not to buy.  The price for a medium size is £99 from various suppliers.


Moving on….. below is the Mauricette faux fur and solid birch chair from Masions du Monde.  This one is light green (look hard) but other colours available, although this colour seems to have a more shaggy look, which I like.  Would sit well in many a room including with that desk in the living room.  It’s £94.49, which I think is good for a solid statement chair.

mauricette faux fur chair

Next is my most inexpensive piece, its the Ludde Sheepskin Rug from IKEA.  At £30 its not a huge price or size but gives you something to warm your toes on on those chilly summer nights.  Everywhere is selling sheep skin rugs at the moment, so shop around as they are a great way of introducing fur.

IKEA Ludde sheepskin rug


We’re off to Sheepland now, an Esty store for this Handmade British Organic Rare Bred Sheepskin Pouffe £89, comes in various natural colours but this one they call Chocolate – from a chocolate sheep I presume.  I love a bit of glamour but if you can combine it with the words British, handmade and organic then it ticks all my boxes.  You should check out their Esty store as they sell rugs (£59) I could have easily featured in this blog.  This picture shows the pouffe in a traditional country cottage setting but it would look great in a modern sleek apartment too.

sheepland handmade british organic rare bread pouffe

And finally, who can live without a faux fur throw to drape over the sofa or the bed and bring a touch of sensuous luxury?  Depending on the size (I would always go for the biggest I could afford) they can range vastly in price so again shop around.

faux fur throw

All these furnishing accessories are very flexible in that you can move them around the house when you decide to have a change.  I wouldn’t put them all in the same room.  So weather it’s a lampshade, rug, throw, pouffe or statement chair have a go with a bit of feather and fur.  Follow me on Pinterset to see my new Feather board

Hope you’ve enjoyed sharing my thoughts on how to glam up with bit of fur and feathers, which would you choose if you had a spare £100 waiting to be spend?  You know what I would pick 😘😘😘



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