DIY DRAWER HACK: How I changed my cupboard into a drawer

I’m a drawer person when it comes to storage in the kitchen, what about you? So when selecting the kitchen a few years ago I planned drawers wherever possible.  The only cupboards I’ve got are two wall cupboards and a corner cupboard.  So all my plates, bowls and daily use items are either in drawers or on open shelves for easy access – no bending required.

The exception is the dreaded cupboard under the sink, as when we bought our good old IKEA kitchen there wasn’t a drawer option. I think there is now. It’s where I house all my cleaning bottles so not a pleasant place. I always need to get on my hands and knees to find anything.  But no more! as I (for ‘I’ read Mr Husband) has installed a drawer into the cupboard.  So thought I’d share how a drawer could be retro fitted into a cupboard.

The details

The body of the drawer was simply made with furniture board / conti board left over from a previous project, it’s not expensive.  We had a spare panel from when we fitted the kitchen so used this for the front of the drawer, it looked a bit nicer. The side mount drawer sliders were purchased from Homebase, approximately £6 each, you will need 2 packs for each drawer.  You can get them from most DIY stores.

You need to make the drawer a little smaller than the size of the cupboard (sorry, I’m stating the obvious), allowing space for the drawer sliders to be fitted and making sure the drawer movement is not hampered by the door hinges. We added a wooden block to the hinged side of the cupboard on which we fixed the sliders so the drawer missed the hinges when it slid out. Precision engineering it’s not.

Just make sure the weight your planning to put in the drawer is within the range recommended for the drawer sliders you use.

I  hope this is all making sense,  I’ll talk you through the picturesDecorlasting drawer hack guide

🔨1 This is the inside of the cupboard at the start

🔨2 Drawer was constructed from furniture board held together with with fixit blocks (don’t look too closely at the already dirty inside 😱)

🔨3 & 4 Drawer sliders were fixed to the drawer and inside of cupboard.  You will see the ugly bit of chip board used to pack out on the side to make sure the sliders and draw moves over the hinges – no one with notice this.

🔨 5, 6 & 7 The open drawer, the closed drawer and with the cupboard door shut, which is how it looked before it all began!

Hope this gives you some ideas for your own kitchen drawers. Take care 👷

Decorlasting DIY Drawer Hack




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