Power of the packaging: My Online Shopping Experience

For my first blog this week I’d thought I’d share my recent online shopping experience. I’m not an avid shopper.  I like gorgeous things in my home but I don’t much enjoy going shopping, I just get a bit… bored. So for me shopping is biased towards online. However, I can be lured into stores when I know I’ll get a ‘shopping experience’. For instance, engaging service or finishing touches of packaging (recyclable of course),  I’m a sucker for a few sheets of coloured tissue paper.  When buying home furnishings, all this can make them a seem a bit more desirable.

power of packaging, a nicely wrapped gift

Of course one high street retailer that consistently gives the shopping experience is John Lewis, whether you’re spending £1 or £1,000. However, my online shopping experience with them is comparable with many online retailers big or small. They are efficient and reliable. It’s not a bad experience, just the same experience. It all then boils down to price and availability to where I shop.

So how can retailers give that personal touch to their online customers?  Maybe they could take a look at how Dowsing & Reynolds do it. (In case you’re wondering I’ve no business interest or had contact with Dowsing & Reynolds in writing this blog – I’ve paid for everything with may hard earned cash!!).

I’d previously shopped with Dowsing & Reynolds little while ago. They had what I wanted and they were in The North so local(ish) to me, not logical as they are just an online retailer but it swayed me. Total spend, about £15. I couldn’t remember all the process but I did remember I’d had a good feeling when my parcel arrived.

decorlasting light fitting



This is the copper fitting and black and white dog tooth cord I bought from Dowsing & Reynolds. The light shade is from B&Q (made by GE) and was only £4. I bought it as a stop gap until I found something special, but I still have it. I love the way it completely surrounds the bulb and gives a white but diffuse light.




So moving on at least 6-months.  I was looking to buy a particular wall clock (see my previous blog) so did a bit of a Googling and Dowsing & Reynolds popped up along with a number of other retailers who had it in stock.  But as Dowsing & Reynolds had managed to connect with me previously I placed the order, I had unwittingly been made loyal.

The clock came packaged in a large cardboard outer box taped with packing tape telling my delivery driver to take care of my package and for me to love my postman. When opened the boxed clock was safely nestled in an abundance of crumpled brown paper. No polystyrene or polythene in sight. The invoice was stamped with the message “packaged by Shirley.” I don’t know who Shirley is, I really hope there’s someone called Shirley who did package my clock – I felt she cared.

I know it’s all  just clever marketing but, as much as I hate to say it, it worked on me. John Lewis would have been equally as efficient, the product would have been exactly the same but the feeling would have been so very different. The personal touches would not have been there.

My question is how can John Lewis online give me the same experience or is this an opportunity for the small online retailer to lure us away?

Just to put all these feelings into context, I was going to take a picture of the packaging to share with you, but before I could Mr Husband had collapsed the box and put everything into the recycling. He was then busy trying to find a battery and appropriate wall fixing. Glad someone’s got a grip!

decorlasting newgate clock 2Finally this the Mr Clarke clock is on the wall ❤


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