5 Gold Shelves For Storing Your Thimbles

Do you remember or are you too young, visiting your Grandma’s or favourite Aunt’s house and looking at their collection of thimbles or china animals on a little, irregularly segmented shelf. You get the picture, don’t you?  Here’s what I’m thinking about.

Decorlasting nik-nak stand (2)

If you’re interested buying this I found it on CarlaCollects Etsy site and could be yours for £9.50.  However, if you’re favouring a more modern look it seems to me you’re in luck as this type of shelf has made a bit of a comeback, and just when I thought we’d all gone minimalist and thrown away all our knick-knacks. Is that what they were called ‘knick-knack shelves’? I looked up the definition of knick-knack and it said “Small worthless objects, especially household ornaments” – a bit harsh but in my case true.

Here’s my pick of 5 ‘similar’ shelves you could get today, enhanced with a touch of gold glam to bring the concept up-to-date.  I could even consider one of these for housing my own collection of thimbles – no just joking, I don’t have any thimbles, really I don’t.

From Maisons Du Monde this is the Madeline Gold Metal Shelf, £78.  Versatile as it comes with wall hanging option but as you can see from the picture you could use it free standing, although you would want to make sure it was steady – tumbling knick-knacks is never a good look.

Decorlasting Maisonsdumonde shelf

The next follows a similar design but on a larger scale. It’s from Oliver Bonas, The Luxe Shelving Unit and can be pre-ordered for £630. I love it but on my budget it would be more of an investment piece me thinks.

Decorlasting Oliver Bonas Luxe Shelving

Again more of a unit than a shelf this is the Barclay Shelving Unit sold by Marks and Spencer £399. 

Decorlasting Marks&Spencer Shelf Unit

I’ve kept with the gold theme but compromised on the irregularity, it doesn’t take a qualified mathematician to see this is pretty regular.  The Accent shelf by Hübsch can be found on the Wayfair.co.uk site, £91.99.

Decorlasting Accent Shelf

A finally and probably my favourite, this brings the gold look and small shelf space but at a fraction of the price. You can add your own irregularity I’m sure. It’s a fun piece from Urban Outfitters, Double Wire Shelf  £25.   There’s scope to paint the wood to tie in with your own decor, the same colour paint as the your walls maybe? Alternatively, I think a dark grey /green paint would make this a more stylish and expensive looking piece.

Decorlasting Urban Outfitters Shelf

I wonder if Grandma would approve of any of my choices?

Decorlasting Gold Shelves


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