My DIY Pixie Green Table Makeover

It was a bit cold and wet during the last bank holiday. We had nothing planned so decided to repaint an old loved folding side table and make it usable once again.

Now this table puts the ‘lasting’ into Décor Lasting as it must be about twenty years old.  I bought it in a shop called Cargo, which at the time to me was a cross between Habitat and IKEA.  They were mainly found in the South East, don’t think they exist anymore.  Anyway this table was extensively used in my home, moving from room to room as needed: TV stand, bedside table, garden table. The uses were and remain infinite.  Due to all the use it’s become a little shabby, the odd tea & red wine stain but structural sound – a bit like me.  So time for a makeover otherwise it was probably destined for the wood pile, I’m talking about the table.

This is what it looked liked perched on my kitchen island anticipating the paint.

Decorlasting table makeover before

As green is the colour of the moment I went to my local B&Q to select a paint. I had a shade in mind and luckily found a Dulux paint matching my thoughts, Pixie Green Matt Emulsion from their Endurance range.  I would ideally have used eggshell but matt was all they had. Found this colour on the B&Q reduced shelf, it was my lucky day.

It hadn’t really occurred to me how long it would take for me to paint all those holes, just as well it was long weekend as it took forever.

When it was eventually painted (two coats) I applied a layer of Annie Sloane Clear Chalk Paint Wax to give it a little protection. All done.

Decorlasting table makeover 3

I love the paint colour, makes the table come alive again especially in the sun.  I think this summer it will be taken out into the garden to hold the odd glass of wine, frequently I hope.

Decorlasting table makeover

What do you think?


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