I’m Looking For Something Round – A Clock Maybe?

I live in a basement flat of a Victorian villa.  It’s sturdy and solid with thick thick walls. In the living room alcoves sit on either side of the chimney breast, so nothing new there. Now I’m looking for something to hang in one of those alcoves, and have been since last summer when we decorated the room.  The only thing is, if I hang something with a straight edge it highlights the slope of the ceiling. Without a straight line for the eye to fix on all looks perfectly fine. Therefore the decision is to hang something round.

As mentioned the wall has been empty for some time now as I was hoping to stumble upon something, but alas not so now’s the time to actively look. We’ve a round mirror in the other alcove so at the moment my life is indeed out of balance and  I’m thinking a clock is the answer.

My room look you could say is modern leaning towards masculine (do I need more cushions?), tan brown leather sofa, walnut coloured sideboard set against grey walls, so maybe a clock in a rich wood or gold coloured metal would fit in.  Real gold of course would be perfect, but maybe a little out of my price range.  As ever I don’t want to spend too much money so I’ve tasked myself to get something in the region of £50, however it needs to be something I’ll love now but also endure the test of time and be flexible to move around the house – is that too much to ask for?

These are my top 5 picks that would fit the bill – I think I’ve chosen, but will reveal at the end when you’ve browsed my contenders 😀

Decorlasting Urban Luxe London Clock

This clock is from the London Clock Company, the Urban Luxe, sold by various retailers. It has a solid wood rim and a slate interior, would certainly match my decor.  A clean look with 25cm diameter size in the region of £40 and the larger 35cm diameter version coming in at approx £55.

Decorlasting Newgate Mr Clarke dot dial clock (2)

A clock from Newgate, it’s called Mr Clarke Clock with a dot dial.  This version is in a dark wood but it’s also available in light wood. A precision look to timekeeping but the added dots makes it a bit more interesting. Prices vary depending on size with 28cm diameter around £40 and  38cm diameter £60.

Decorlasting Walnut case clock London Clock Company (2)

Back to the London Clock Company, I can see it hanging on my wall now, this is the Walnut Finish Case Wall Clock. Again various sizes at various retailers with the 32cm diameter clock costing in the region of £46.

Decorlasting Newgate Sunburst clock (2)

Now this is something a bit different, an antique style bringing gold into the room, this is the Sunburst Clock from Newgate with a 38cm span. Its a bit over my aimed price range at £75 but would certainly bring a look and warmth.

Decorlasting Acctim Stella Sprayed Starburst Wall clock (2)


On a similar theme this clock also brings gold and warmth but gives more of a 1950’s feel. From Acctim this is the 21760 Stella Sprayed Starburst Wall Clock and at £30 for a 43mm diameter piece its at the best end of the price range. Although not on the Acctim website it can be found at other stockists (check out Amazon).

So which am I going to pick, 🤔 well it was a close call between the Sunburst and the Mr Clarke Clock, and after consultation with Mr Husband we’re going to go with Mr Clarke Clock – I just love the dots.  Maybe the Sunburst would look good in the bedroom! I will update the blog and let you know if we love Mr Clarke when he arrives.

Which is your favourite?

Decorlasting Newgate Mr Clarke dot dial clock (2)


I did finally buy my Mr Clarke clock from Dowsing & Reynolds and you can read about my online experience with them in my blog 


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