How Long Does It Take To Decorate A House? Part 1, The Realisation.

I have daughter, she is very organised and demanding, not sure where she gets that from ūü§Ē. She and her husband¬†bought a house a couple of years ago they rent out, previously to students who they inherited with the house. ¬†Now the students are moving on a family is moving in. My daughter being who she is, wanted to make the house¬†nice for the new family¬†and promised to paint and re-carpet, we said we would help. Mistake number one.

Now obviously when she was growing up we must have made redecorating a room look far too easy, as she estimated the whole renovation process would only take a long weekend for the four of us non-professionals. ¬†So she arranged¬†to get the carpets fitted 10 days¬†after the students moved out and for the new tenants to move the day after, as they were very keen. Question:¬†how long does it take to redecorate¬†a three bedroom, three floor town house? Answer: longer than my daughter thinks!¬†ūüėü

To add a layer of complication a family event had been previously planned, plus with work commitments this meant it would be three days before we could start. That¬†initially would be just me and Mr Husband of course, my daughter would join us two days later and her husband could only make the last weekend as he had to work (hmmm). ¬†So that gave us 21 man-days over a period of 7 days, was that enough? ¬†I don’t think so, compromises were going to have to be made; there was a lot of wood and¬†walls. ¬†Oh and did I mention there was a leaking pipe under the kitchen sink and leaking toilet overflow and a house full of stuff, rubbish and unwanted furniture the students had left behind. We should have ordered a skip to the delivered on day 1. Mistake number 2.

Now you would think I would have a vast array of before and after pictures of our escapade, but I was too tired/busy to think about this, but here are a few of the befores, but they by no means capture the extent of the work required.

Next week I’ll be posting Part 2 of the blog where I’ll update on how we tackled the job, so do keep following.


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