DIY fit your own shower basket

We finished refitting our bathroom a little while ago, but I couldn’t decide if we needed a shower basket, so we waited and lived with the bathroom before committing. I obviously struggle with commitment as two years later! it seems only now is the right time to get all the bottles off the side of the bath.

So if like me you’re finally able to take that big bathroom step forward here’s the details of what we bought and how we fitted it.

Brass makes it an investment piece 😀

I decided to spend the extra and get a chrome plated brass basket.  Over the years we have gone with the inexpensive steel products and not long after fitting they have developed rusty spots in the joins.  This shouldn’t happen with a brass based fitting so worth the investment. The basket we chose was the Britton Single Deep Wire Basket 260x120x80mm ordered online from for £48.60 inc postage, so not too expensive. There were fitting instructions supplied with the product but here are my tips and picture diary of the process, which you might find helpful too as they would generally apply to many similar products.

The facts

  • Tools needed: sharp pencil, masking tape, spirit level, drill with 6mm drill bit & someone familiar with using a drill, screw driver.
  • Time taken including prep and clear up: less that 30 mins. Before starting protect the bath surface with cardboard or a thick blanket to protect from screws / tools dropped.
  • Have a good think where to fix it, stand in the shower and have a dry run to decide on best position.  We decided to put this one fairly high, and to one side so it wouldn’t stop the shower screen from being pushed towards the wall if needed.

Step by step instructions

  • Stick masking tape over the area the basket is to be fitted so the screw holes can clearly  marked onto the wall.  Also having the tape apparently reduces the risk of the tile chipping when it is drilled. Using a spirit level draw a line across the area where the basket bracket is to be fitted, then place the bracket onto the pencil line and mark with a pencil the position of the holes to be drilled.
  • Drill the holes to the depth sufficient for the screws supplied with the basket. As a guide before drilling measure the length of the screw against the drill bit and mark the length on the drill bit with a bit of (red) tape so you know how deep to drill.


  • Insert the rawl plugs supplied into each of the drilled holes,  firmly push them in with the screw to make sure the plugs are completely in the hole and not protruding.


  • Remove the masking tape and screw the bracket to the tile.


  • Use a spirit level to check the bracket is level and make small adjustment if needed before completely tighten the screws.


  • Slide the basket down over the bracket fixing, it will be a tight fit but the bracket should be screwed firmly to the tile so it should not move.
  • Fill the basket with your bottles and enjoy!

My shower basket

Hope this encourages you to undertake a bit of DIY.  I do a lot of pointing but my husband handles the drill, gotta keep him involved 😘. Next week I will be helping to repaint my daughter’s 3 storey town house, all one colour I hope. I’m already feeling tired but I will bring you the highlights.

Let me know if you found these instructions helpful 🙂

6 Steps for fitting your own shower basket


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