Bringing The Outside In

Spring has arrived and plants are budding up, so soon I’ll be drawn into the garden at every available minute. I love being outside, so it’s no surprise to see there is an unconscious but consistent nature inspired theme building in my home.

It seems bringing the outside in is a strong interior trend for the summer with increasing indoor infiltration of floral prints and green hues, and I’m not going to complain about that. Even a white minimalist look can be improved with a splash of nature.  And on that note I thought I would take a you on a mini tour of my nature grounded bits and pieces. Here we go……


The silver birch inspired wallpaper (Fine Decor Birch Tree Natural Wallpaper), is slightly reflective so catches the light between the branches.  I have it hanging behind shelves in my hall, where there is minimal natural light so it makes the most of every drop. I’ll soon be writing a blog about how we made the shelves.

Moving to the butterflies, this is a big pottery platter, which I think is meant for hanging in the garden but I have it on the kitchen wall.  I bought it at a National Trust gift shop and used it at my daughter’s wedding as it was the only plate big enough for her cheese wedding cake, you can just see it peeping out in the picture below.

The second pic of wallpaper (Arthouse Opera, Provence Pink) lives in my kitchen, birds and dragonflies in pink, how can you go wrong! I picked this as it says Victorian rather than French to me – I’m thinking Darwin, so it fits in with the age of the house.

The only really cutesy thing I have in the house is my owl cushion. I used to talk to her, but we haven’t spoken for a while 😀

The leaf inspired tablecloth from John Lewis, gives a bit of a 1950’s look.

….and finally is the metal tea caddy and mug with simplistic stylised birds.  These were picked up from a local Fair-trade shop, and I use them every day .

I think there’s still space for a little more greenery around the home but its a start, and it all keeps me going during the winter.




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