Upcycling brown furniture

During the summer, I picked up a few bits of old brown furniture and had a go breathing new life into them though the power of paint. Everybody seemed to be doing it but this was my first time so please be kind.  I was going for a more block colour look rather than shabby chic, although to be honest I was being ambitious thinking I was going to achieve any particular look. Before I started there was a little bit of fixing to do, especially to the chair as it had a noticeable wobble and the front cross bar snapped immediately on getting it home; I may have overpaid for this 😦

Here are my ‘before’ snaps (sorry forgot to take a picture of the chest of drawers before I painted as no blog on the horizon then.)

old pics (2)

On the recommendation of a neighbour I looked to the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint range. Chateau Grey was picked and I finished it with the recommended clear soft wax.   This was the first time I’d used Chalk Paint and it was fairly straightforward to apply with minimum prep needed. I was amazed how far one small pot went, so although it seemed expensive it was well worth it.  I had enough for all the pieces and still have some left over. I need to set up a paint exchange scheme to swap my colour before everything in my house turns green!

Here are my ‘after’ snaps

I actually have all the items in my living rooms as they have a function.  I keep my old CDs and DVD’s in the drawers. The chair sits next to the French doors and gets moved outside on a sunny day and the table stores the laptop and phone chargers. I would estimate the total cost for everything (including paint and knobs) was about £150.

This is my Victorian Gentleman look 😉


In hindsight I could have been braver with the colour selection and gone more vibrant, although they do blend  well against the grey walls, functional rather than features. I’m very much liking the Annie Sloan English Yellow, Antibes Green and Aubusson Blue, so I might have fun repainting – there is always room for improvement.

Annie Sloan (2)


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