My ‘pink’ kitchen shelves

My son, a keen cook lives in a modern flat with an open plan kitchen living room.  Great flat but not much kitchen work surface or storage for him to flourish so we were thinking how to add some shelving without everything feeling too enclosed. He was not convinced this could be done, so I’ve put some ideas on a Pinterest board for him (I’m fairly certain he won’t look).

It got me thinking about my own kitchen shelving and how practical they can be, giving easy access for everyday use.  It can be sooo exhausting opening all those cupboard doors. Here’s the main set of shelves in my kitchen. My only other shelf is home to the microwave and fits into an alcove space over the work surface.

My tip would be to use open shelving for items used all the time so things get washed and not covered in kitchen grime.  But I’m not all that tall so there is a limit to how high I can reach. The top shelf is off limits to anything other than my fingertips without a ladder so I admit the things at the top are a little yuk.

It’s great having an easy grab shelf full of cups. Also, I can stand at the dish washer and put them straight back onto the shelf.  It’s interesting, when the husband unloads the dishwasher the cups are always more ordered.


Writing this has highlighted how pink everything is – the wallpaper, the plates, so after three years it might now be time to wow it up with a bit more colour. Perhaps I could take some inspiration from my 1960’s plates. Already started to imagine, I love the lime green, I will keep you posted. Finally see below for my completely pinked up look.





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