The ever crowded coffee table

The big coffee table is surely an essential item in any household, it’s functional, it’s focal, it seems to get everyone together –  in my house it’s always covered with stuff. Here’s a picture of mine as it looked when I took the picture (I’m stating the obvious, but hopefully you know what I mean), it captures everything currently going on in my house; we only think about going to Barcelona and I really should get to the shop and fill up the fruit bowl.


An IKEA workhorse, simple in style and big in functionality. Things tend to just get pushed to one side when space is needed for snacks and drinks. It has a cunning shelf underneath where the junk of daily living can be quickly cleared for that surprise ring of the doorbell. Oh, and it has the bonus of being at just the perfect height to double up as a foot rest. I love it ♥

I thought I would take a trawl through what’s available today and put together a little collection of coffee tables of various prices with an underneath hiding place. I will work on a bigger selection for my Pinterest board


1. Home & Haus, 2. Habitat, 3. All home, 4. Amara, 5 John Lewis, 6 Arighi Bianchi, 7 Ikea (that’s mine  – bargain at £26!).


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