A Spring breakfast look

There are a few bulbs peeping their heads through the soil here is the Peaks so here’s a healthy breakfast table look that might give you some inspiration for a morning get together with friends or family.  A statement table cloth can help transform a table and give you an instant new look.  This one was from John Lewis and it hangs like material but comes in a practical wipe down format for easy cleaning so no need to wash every time you use it.  I will confess to never having washed it – is that bad? I liked the retro feel of the design, reminded me of a set of plates my gran used to have. Also, the leaves tie in with the nature theme going on in the room, I will explain in a later blog.


My first blog post

I’m a design enthusiast but let’s be honest not a professional designer or blogger.  However, during my numerous years on the planet and raising a family, I’ve DIY decorated lots of rooms mostly on a tight budget.  So, I thought I’d share some ideas inspired by my experiences, current design and places I visit.

My blog will include ideas for the home that can be created without spending a fortune. It will look at room spaces, furniture, lighting, DIY guides, storage etc. Also, as a lover of the open air I hope to bring some inspiration for how to use your outside space.

I get out and about a bit in the UK so will share what I stumble upon including interesting places to find great looking and creative products for the home, and if I attend a design related event you will be the first to know.

I’m located in the Peaks just outside Manchester so you will see a lot of my inspiration comes from the area, and if you follow my blog you will be probably soon figure out where in the UK the rest of my family are located!

I hope this gives you a bit of an idea of what to expect, but I’m always willing deviate so I would love to hear if you have any aspects of design you would like me to take a look at.

As you will see there is not a lot on the site at the moment but bear with me, I will get to work and you can see it grow.

Julie 🙂 ❤